Total insurance

Only one of all investments will certainly pay off – investment in children. We want to provide for their future, to make their life choices easier, to show them the right way. 


Can we guarantee them security and independence?


New WSO's program under the name Total Insurance enables you to provide a long-lasting, complete security to your child. Until the age of 19, your child will be provided with the basic insurance package which has a savings character, whereas upon expiration of this period Total insurance becomes life insurance. When the insured turns 20, all key Total insurance program benefits take effect: the accumulated funds are available in the most diverse ways. With Total insurance, in addition to security, you also afford your child a possibility of choice!

If you start premium payments from the earliest childhood, upon expiration of 20 years your child acquires a possibility to use the accumulated assets for his/her own needs in a simple way: invest in life insurance, annuity, health insurance, education, use as participation when raising a loan, withdraw as cash, or make the best combination for himself/herself out of the offered options.

Total insurance provides the greatest flexibility ever in the insurance business. Become our loyal customer and we shall reward your loyalty with special conveniences including exemption from premium payment in the last year of insurance.


In cooperation with the leading stem cell bank Cryo-Save, conclusion of the Total insurance program will save you 160 Euros for stem cells depositing and get you a special 20% discount of the insurance premium amount in the first year. Thus, you will insure your child's health. With regard to the amazing stem cell ability to reproduce damaged or old tissues, you can use them in case of disease and thereby considerably increase the possibility of full convalescence.  

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Wiener Stӓdtische Best Doctors

Complementary insurance Wiener Stӓdtische Best Doctors is the insurance product of health protection which covers treatment costs of critical illnesses including travel and accommodation expenses up to the insured amount and single limits. The product is designed for specific, critical illnesses whose costly and specialized treatment is insufficiently covered by most health insurance plans. It is stipulated for the same period as life insurance contract. The following illnesses and medical procedures are insured: Cancer Treatment, Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery, Heart Valve Replacement, Live-Donor Organ/Tissue Transplant, and Neurosurgery. Complementary insurance provides you up to €1,000,000 a year and €2,000,000 for the whole insurance period. Thus, doors of the most modern and successful hospitals all over the world are wide open for you. 

 Male child, up to the age of one year

annual payment

300 €

insurance period 

20 godina

insured sum

6.846 €

*The quoted insured sum will be increased by the accrued profit