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Mission, Vision and Values of our Company

Mission, Vision and Values of our Company


The Mission of Wiener Städtische osiguranje is to provide financial security, insurance products, services and solutions according to the highest standards which meet our insured’s needs and requirements in the best way.

At the same time, we are committed to development of the domestic insurance market and education of the general public about the importance of insurance, implementing the highest standards of business conduct, developing transparency and ethical values in relation to all concerned groups and taking an active role in the development of the community in which we operate.


Wiener Städtische osiguranje strives to be the leader at the Serbian insurance market, both in our services and in our business solutions. This ambition motivates our employees to contribute permanently to our success – for the benefit of our customers, partners, shareholders and the whole community. Thus, we create a prosperous, safe and sound future for the society in which we operate.


  • CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY – we justify the trust bestowed in us

We respect the agreements and fulfil the promises because we know that trust takes a long time to earn, but can be lost easily.

  • VICTORIOUS CONDUCT – we behave and think as if the company we work for is our own

We have an entrepreneurial flair, we are full of ideas which we know how to realize and we assume responsibility for our decisions

  • CUSTOMER IMPORTANCE AND SATISFACTION – each and every customer is important and in the focus of our decisions

We listen to our customers, we understand their wishes and we strive to exceed their expectations.  

  • APPRECIATION AND RESPECT – we create equal opportunities for the employees

We appreciate our colleagues, their way of thinking and work. Our success is the result of a diversity of employees and ideas. Therefore, we invest in the advancement of their knowledge and skills and we ensure them a safe and pleasant working environment.