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Association of Serbian Insurers Supports ‘Drive Well-Rested’ Campaign


The Association of Serbian Insurers supports the ‘Drive Well-Rested’ campaign launched by the Road Traffic Safety Agency, among others. The aim of the campaign is to help prevent traffic accidents, whose number tends to increase during the summer months when people travel more.

Association of Serbian Insurers Supports ‘Drive Well-Rested’ Campaign

The cause of most accidents is fatigue, which is why it is important to have regular rests during the journey. Drivers are advised to start their journey well-rested, have a break every two hours and avoid driving by night or during the hottest time of day. They are also advised to keep the difference between the air conditioned temperature in the vehicle and the outside temperature at no more than 7 degrees.

This preventive campaign was first launched last year and its numerous joint activities will continue during the summer. The Association will contribute by distributing informative flyers with purchased Green Card insurance.