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"Vision" Adorns VIG Plaza in Novi Beograd


VIG Plaza, the Wiener Städtische Osiguranje office building in Novi Beograd, will be adorned by ‘Vision’, a work by Mihael Milunović, from 12 to 18 June. ‘Vision’ is part of the company's extensive art collection. Covering the façade of VIG Plaza with a work of art marks the beginning of the long-term socially responsible project Wiener Art in Serbia.

"Vision" Adorns VIG Plaza in Novi Beograd

‘On behalf of Wiener Städtische Osiguranje, I am pleased to announce the beginning of our long-term socially responsible project Wiener Art, aimed to support contemporary art in Serbia. Only a few days ago Serbian artist Mihael Milunović dressed the Viennese Ringturm, the business headquarters of Vienna Insurance Group which we are part of. To mark the ten-year anniversary of the project, Ringturm was adorned with Milunović’s work “Vision” from the art collection of Wiener Städtische Osiguranje. The gesture is a recognition of our work. In addition, the project is also a symbol of the cultural dialogue between Austria and Serbia,’ said on this occasion Svetlana Smiljanić, Member of the Executive Board of Wiener Städtische Osiguranje.

To give Belgrade residents and visitors the opportunity to see ‘Vision’, Wiener Städtische Osiguranje has covered the front façade of its office building VIG Plaza. It will be illuminated by spotlights and visible by night.

‘Vision’ is part of the extensive contemporary art collection of Wiener Städtische Osiguranje. The company started buying artwork in 2012. At the moment, the collection contains 324 works by 65 artists. It comprises paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings but what makes it unique are light installations. The company will continue to support arts in Serbia and organise numerous interesting activities under the Wiener Art project.

‘I would like to take this opportunity and invite our fellow citizens to visit VIG Plaza at Trešnjinog cveta 1 from 12 to 18 June and see this unique artistic display’, added Svetlana Smiljanić.


More about ‘Vision’

The image is dominated by a blue mountain. A red train is climbing a steep slope trying to reach the top of the mountain. On the top of the mountain, an antenna is sending out a coded signal into the blue ether. ‘“Vision” is about the individual’s relationship with the group, driven by the group’s aspiration to transcend. The red train climbing up the blue mountain is an allegory of commitment and endurance, rather helpful traits when climbing a steep mountain. The funicular is, so to speak, a means of gaining self-knowledge. The antenna on the top of the mountain is important to me personally – it symbolises readiness to share your positive energy with others’, says Mihael Milunović.